Philanthropy with business & other organizations.

Jason Hope said “The smiles and tears of joy that you see on someone’s face is the only reward that you reap for your philanthropic deeds”.

We have witnessed in the many well established business icons pouring in billions of Dollars into philanthropic deeds. These greats who use innovative entrepreneurial ideas to change the world and also make themselves a fortune in the process finally are more than willing to part with a share of their hard earned fortune towards philanthropy. These philanthropists have contributed time and money to the most deserving. Jason Hope say “It’s time to give back to the society and community what they have given us”. Jason goes on to say “. Some of them have allocated billions for the non-profit foundations to help them manage and identify the most deserving cause for philanthropy.

Philanthropy is not to be thought of as just monetary terms. It can be in different form and shape. They have reinvented philanthropy in their own terms. They have gone ahead parting away with small and big part of their fortune to what can be called social engineering. So where does all these funds go, well they could go into generating electricity in one of the economically backward countries or funding research for creating vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus which has claimed thousands of lives across the African continent. These funds could go into saving endangered species or fighting pollution across the world for the benefit of mankind as a whole. Whether it is power generation in economically not so good nations, nurturing new ideas, talents and start-ups or protecting environment, these greats are more than willing to have a focused look into it by devoting their valuable time and money. Many have their own Philanthropic foundations to manage these funds and channelize the funds into the right cause.

Promoting community and business growth.

Jason’s views that now and in the future philanthropy will be an intricate part of business model. Core business strategies take into account social responsibilities in designing stage. You are only as great as your deeds are. You might soon be forgotten but what keeps you alive in peoples mind is that your deeds have enriched someone’s life says Mr. Hope.